The Faculty of Sports and Human Movement Sciences (F2SMH) is located within the Rangueil Campus. The classrooms and amphitheatres benefit from modern equipment (video projectors, screens, computer rooms, videoconferences).
It currently hosts 2,100 students who receive a diversified training offer to prepare for various professions ranging from PE teacher, specialist educator in adapted physical activities, sports trainer, physical trainer, to the manager of a sports hall, a sports store, a sports coach, a sports department manager, or even security professions ranging from senior firefighters to police officers.
The students are divided between the first year of common core (L1, 760 students), the second year (500 students) and the third year (450 students) which are composed of a part common to all courses (the common core) , and an independent part linked to the training sector (Education - motor skills - EM, Adapted Physical Activities and Health - APAS, Sports Management - MS and Sports Training - ES).
Then the Masters welcome fewer students

- 40 in Sports Training-ES
- 30 in APAS
- 25 in MS.

The EM Sector Teaching Master's is managed by the University of Toulouse 2 and welcomes 110 students this year.
At the same time, we offer several training courses within the University fitness center (PUF), a Deust Fitness Trades
(2 years) and a Professional License in Fitness trades. Finally,
the APAS course offers another professional license specializing in physical activities for seniors.
Several high-performance research laboratories are associated with the Faculty:

  • The CRESCO which is a reception team 7419, located within the walls of the faculty,

  • The LAAS (CNRS), and several mixed research units, the CRCA (UMR CNRS - UPS 5169),
    the CERCO (UMR INSERM - UT3), the TONIC (UMR INSERM - UT3 1214), the IMRCP (UMR 5623)
    are laboratories located on different Toulouse sites and which host the majority of
    teacher-researchers working at the F2SMH. These different laboratories use,
    for a large part of their research activities,
    the Movement Analysis Room (SAM) unique in France and located on the CREPS campus,
    with which we maintain privileged relations.


    2000 students
    teachers and teacher-researchers
    4 disciplinary departments